Label sensors

Using our sensors for label detection in a forked construction, labels can be positioned precisely at high belt speeds. Calibrated to different and varied label materials (paper, metallic, transparent, thin/thick), they are available with different functional principles (optical/capacitive/ultrasonic).

OGUTI Optical

The OGUTI optical label sensors detect thin and thick paper labels quickly and extremely precisely. They stand out for their extremely high dispensing precision and reproducibility, making maximum belt speeds possible.

UGUTI Ultrasonic

The UGUTI ultrasonic label sensors securely detect thin and thick transparent, film and paper labels, as well as metallic labels. The dual operation concept – implemented using either IO-Link or teach-in – makes it possible to put the sensors into operation quickly.

KSSTI Capacitive

KSSTI capacitive label sensors are suited for the detection of thin transparent, film and paper labels and particularly where high belt speeds are required. Using auto-teach, they are taught in to new materials quickly.