Image processing & identification

Our Vision sensors impress with their high performance and flexibility, our innovative Handheld Reader ID-200 made of aluminum with an extremely high-performance decoding algorithm. Highly flexible software and versatile accessories finish off the portfolio.

Vision sensors

Our Vision sensors can be operated intuitively and are commissioned within minutes without training. They can be used out of the box, and have extensive software tools and standardized interfaces available for communication with peripherals.

Image processing and ID software

nVision-i is our intuitive and easy-to-use vision sensor configuration software, with a graphical user interface that makes it possible to solve application requirements extremely quickly and effectively.

Handheld readers

In most industries, data must be detected quickly, reliably and flexibly. In this context, the ID handheld systems from di-soric are the first choice - from the lightweight hand-reading system to the extremely robust reader made of aluminum. The automatic scanners read and decode 1D and 2D codes in any process environment for an accelerated, stable process.