Inductive sensors

Our inductive sensors are proven in the contactless and secure detection of metallic objects of the most various kinds. They are maintenance-free, very robust, extremely long-lasting and fulfill all tasks with the highest technical requirements.

Inductive proximity sensors

Our inductive proximity sensors are available as fully metallic versions, pressure-resistant sensors up to 500 bar, as well as up to 3x or 4x switching distances, in addition to sensors with an analog output for precise production or testing processes.

Inductive ring sensors

Our inductive ring and wire breakage sensors detect the smallest metallic parts that are conveyed in supply tubes for further processing. In the case of parts that are fed very quickly, the integrated pulse stretching generates an output signal that can be easily analyzed.

Inductive tube sensors

Inductive tube sensors are used for parts detection and counting in congestion control. The fastening system enables quick adaptation to various tube cross-sections without having to disassemble the supply tube.