Color sensors

Our color sensors for quality testing detect colors and compare them to 100 saved reference color values. Through their perceptive working function, small differences can be detected.

FS-10 Kompakt

The FS-10 color sensor is suited for narrow installation space conditions. With the teach-in key, a color channel can be learned intuitively and saved in the sensor. With Multiteach and permanently stored tolerance thresholds, the finest color nuances can be distinguished.

FS-50 Extended

The FS-50 color sensor with a fiber optic connection or fixed optics can store up to 15 colors. Colors and tolerances are learned via a keypad with Multiteach. Alternatively, color values are displayed via PC software and tolerances can be reproducibly configured.

FS-100 Advanced

The FS-100 color sensor distinguishes many colors, and up to 100 colors can be saved. It is operated either by keys or software. Variants with Ethernet and PROFIBUS enable digital data transmission of process and color values.